charter Barboat SailingHi, I’m a recreational sailor here in the San Francisco Bay area  sailing off and on since being drafted as “rail beef” 25 years ago, ventually, valued for more than my ballast and brawn.

I got away from sailing for a bit while living in Europe working for a Silicon Valley startup.  After a particularly successful, but, grueling 3 year stint building the marketing infrastructure for an Israeli startup, I decided to take a break getting my ASA Bareboating Certification and teaming up with The Crew, my European friends, to charter bareboat sail overseas and cruise with retired friends throughout the Caribbean. Having fallen in love with the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, been seduced by the exotic Seychelles, and transformed in the desert setting of the Sea of Cortez, I can honestly say that there’s no finer vacation experience than charter bareboat sailing in an exotic locales around the world.

charter bareboat sailing - gaetanoSo Why

While planning our various bareboat holidays I realized how difficult it is to get pertinent, first hand information about a bareboating area from other lovers of charter bareboat holidays. Cruisers offer some information on their blogs, but, you have to siphon through all the journaling.

With that in mind, I decided to create this blog to provide my insights about some truly wonderful places and enough voyage descriptive information to help others passionate about charter bareboat holidays decide their next, great adventure.  Since I can’t bareboat vacation all the time, I also keep a weather eye out for articles, posts, tweets, really anything that relates to sailing in exotic locales around the world or advice from cruisers that might prove useful during a short charter bareboat vacation.

So enjoy the information offered at BareboatingtheWorld.

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