Ever wish you had …Charter Bareboat Sailing in the Seychelles

  • first hand provision insights for the Seychelles
  • a sailor’s perspective on bareboating in Croatia
  • advice for your bareboating guests
  • or just more information to plan an incredible exotic bareboating adventure

That’s my intention with Bareboating the World.  After spending the past 10 years charter bareboat sailing with European friends in Croatia, Greece, Italy, the Seychelles, and the Sea of Cortez , I have learned a lot about these fantastic bareboat destinations.

There are bareboating tips providing pre-depature considerations, provisioning expectations, and local navigation insights as well as trip logs with detailed itineraries, mapped voyage logs and photo galleries

I’ve also aggregated my experiences into some general bareboating advice that first timers or your guests might find useful.

So I hope you find my information useful.

Enjoy & Welcome Aboard