Charter Bareboat Sailing Mexico – Baja

WHERE DESERT MEETS SEA A desert paradise may be the best way to describe this bareboating location. The Sea of Cortez rubbing up against the Sonora desert makes one imagine what Death Valley California must have been when the inland sea filled the valley. This voyage description includes on overview of the cruising grounds with links to a detailed voyage log, maps, photo gallery, and insight articles about bareboat cruising in this area.

Baja, Mexico Insights – Living Aboard

Since the Sea of Cortez is in the Sonora desert, there are some special considerations. Here are some thoughts from our bareboat charter experience.

Baja, Mexico Insights – Before Departing

Offers insights about arriving in La Paz from the airport for a bareboat charter in the Sea of Cortez and some insight about charting with Moorings

Baja, Mexico Insights – Provisions

Describes our experience provisioning in La Paz and, in particular, the Centro Comercial Californiano supermarket for our 1 week charter in the Sea of Cortez.

Baja, Mexico Insights – Sailing Stuff

These are some thoughts regarding passage making and anchorages in the Sea of Cortez