Charter Bareboat Sailing Greece – Sporades Islands

… lush green islands meet deep blue sea in this Aegean paradise

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Tucked away off the coast of northeast Greece, the Sporades Islands have seen the history of the Mediterranean pass their shores. The Persian fleet no doubt marveled at the green lushness of these islands before being defeated by Themistocles in the Trikeri Channel. A refuge for the last of the Mediterranean monk seals, the Sporades Islands offer unsurpassed natural beauty with thickly wooded forests reaching the edge of the deep blue sea and multi-colored cliffs offering breath-taking back drops.

Tsoungria (3)

Our mid-summer, two week cruise in 2006 took us from Milina in the southeast corner of the Gulf of Volos as far as Pelagos Island in the heart of the Alonissos Marine Park, refuge to 350-450 remaining Mediterranean Monk Seals. Along the way we explored the Islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Peristeri, and Skantzoura.

Since we returned to the mainland at mid-cruise to pick up Lisa’s friends Philip and Lexi, we didn’t get a chance to go to the remote Island of Skiros. Instead, the town of Pigadhi (Achilles’s departure port for the Trojan war) treated us to a great fireworks display which complemented nicely the champagne and lobster we enjoyed to celebrate Lisa and Marcello’s anniversary while waiting for our guests to arrive.

The meltemi northeast winds blew steady through the entire trip affording fantastic sailing and the weather cooperated without a single day of rain.

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  1. Dear Rebekah,I simply love your atleier! and I am really sorry you had to close it. It inspires me to itb4s fullest! I love how you spread you artistic style all over. + I have the feeling this is a new inspiration goal for me. Maybe one day I will be able to built my own atleier space in some European town. I hope you can stop by then and have some tea with me Many greetings from Tuscany, Siena.

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