General Policies

Since our focus at is to share bareboating experiences for the benefit of others planning similar sailing vacation, I expect the debate will be minimal. Still, some general policies probably wouldn’t hurt.

Comment Policy

  1. Comments and post are the responsibility of the writer and not the site owner. By posting your content you agree to hold the site owner harmless from all damages and liabilities.
  2. Keep the conversation and tone civil, offensive or inappropriate language or personal attacks will not be tolerated and posts containing such language will be deleted or not be authorized.
  3. The site owner reserves the right to edit comments to correct grammar or spelling (though you’re most likely on your own, here) or add or change a title/heading to make them clearer or consistent with the site.
  4. Let’s protect others’ identity, do not include personal or private information about an individual in your post, it will be deleted.
  5. Posts may contain up to 3 links that connect to sites deemed bareboating related at the sole discretion of the site owner. Posts containing more than three links will be deleted or not authorized.
  6. Spamming and plagiarism will be determined at the sole discretion of the site owner. Content generated in this fashion will be deleted.
  7. Violators of the Comments Policy will be blocked for adding future content.


  1. First and foremost, the comments and posts presented on are opinions of the writers influenced by first hand experiences bareboating in a particular area at a particular time. As such, the information presented is fluid in nature and can change over time.
  2. Opinions provided on do not reflect the opinion of the site owner.
  3. This site offers insights and opinions about bareboating destinations and offers advice about bareboating in general. As sailors you know you are responsible for your own safety, our intention is to do no harm, so we will not be held responsible for any injury.
  4. Links to URLs posted on are the responsibility of the writer. The site owner will not authorize posts with links to inappropriate information and will delete any posts containing such content or connections once made aware of the violation.
  5. By its nature, this site will present opinions about foreign destinations and may be read in other countries, the site owner will not be responsible for interpretation of translated content and will be held harmless for any statement that may be deemed defamatory in a reader’s country.

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