Charter Bareboat Sailing the Seychelles Islands

… tropical paradise with unparalleled natural wonders

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Anse Source D'Argent, La Digue (5)Nature’s wonderland, isolated 1000 miles from the nearest mainland, the Seychelles never cease to amaze with nature’s bounty whether under the sea, on land, or in the air. With a blend of cultures from Africa, India, & Asia influenced by European colonialism you feel all that’s exotic in the human race.

Leaving the capital Victoria on the main island Mahe’ you immediately encounter one breathtaking setting after another, national marine sanctuaries abound. When snorkeling, the fish are bigger and more colorful; on land the giant tortoises, fruit bats, and coco du mer palm trees bring to mind pre-historic times, and the variety of sea birds astound. With black volcanic and grey granite islands, the environment is everything you’d expect in paradise paradise.

Our charter was for two weeks in late August 2008. This is the cooler, windy, dry season, so temperatures were very comfortable and we only experienced one stormy day. We explored most of the Islands around Praslin and a good portion of northern Mahe’ sailing area. The SE trade winds blew steadily facilitating the crossing between the island groups and making this truly one of the more sail oriented bareboating charters.

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