The Crew

1994 Virgin Islands - three of us (2)Our first trip together was in 1994 in BVI. Since then we’ve sailed Corsica, Croatia, Greece, the Seychelles, and Baja Sur Mexico together usually adding a variety of multi-national friends. For us, it’s all about maximizing our time on the boat and sharing great meal with great friends.
guy sailing (2)Gaetano – as the token American, it’s my responsibility to make the sundowners usually with a rum, tequila, or Campari base. Oh, I’m also primary dishwasher, backup grill man, and spot substitute cook, and general systems guru. Oh, almost forgot, add primary voyage planner, senior navi-guesser, and most experienced sailor.2009 croatia (fran) (345) - editted

Lisa  is an inventive chef that has mastered a multitude of techniques to bring life to almost any meal, she has even been able to make chicken tikki marsala when requested by a British guest to celebrate their birthday. Our formal Captain, she’s mastered the med-mooring maneuver.

big MouthsMarcello  is a master grill man and knows a thing or two about gathering and cleaning “ricci“ (sea urchin), finding polippo (octopus), and catching fish. He’s usually the boat clown with the most contagious laugh you’ve ever heard. He’ll un-foul anything under the water and is expert at taking a stern lines to shore, also, our dingy captain.

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