British Virgin Islands with a Twist? (Sail Magazine)

It’s the new year and so why not kick it off with a Bareboating BVI article. In the October issue of Sail magazine Amy Ullrich describes their one week Moorings bareboat charter on a 40 foot catamaran.  Having hired a local skipper for part of the charter, Amy adds to the vast information available on the internet with off-the-beaten track excursions to

  • Great Camanoe Island – Cam Bay (new national park)
  • Guana Island  – Monkey Point and White Bay for snorkeling
  • Virgin Gorda – Long Bay behind Mountan Point as a lunch spot
  • the west side of Eustacia Island for an overnight anchorage

Like my friends and I, Amy and her husband like to cook on board so they decided to arrive early and self provision.  She’s also reminds us to be aware of the current while snorkeling because sometimes the current makes it a lot harder getting back to the boat than it seems when you start exploring.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to get away before the heavy rains start here in San Francisco.

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