Bareboat Charter – Mooring In Capraia Italy (Part 2)

Charter Bareboat - Capraia Mooring
Mooring in Capraia

The mooring field in Porto Capraia just outside the marina entrance is quite interesting. Since anchoring is now illegal anywhere in front of the main port of Capraia, even though many boats do it and risk high fines, they have developed a mooring field with a three line system that mimics Med Mooring to a dock. They can accommodate 40+ boats moored side by side in the open bay.  How does it work?

  1. All three mooring lines have leads that are attached to a three pronged mooring buoy
  2. You reverse towards the three prong mooring buoy to pick up the three mooring line leads
  3. The bow lead is first gathered to secure the bow mooring line then the two stern leads are gathered to secure the port and starboard stern mooring lines.
Charter Bareboat Capraia Mooring Field
Mooring in Capraia

The spaces can be reserved ahead of time (I think the day before – the SunCharter base manager called on our behalf, as he said it was highly recommended during the summer months). You are required to call into the port master upon approach. We asked for additional guidance admitting that we had never seen this kind of mooring set-up before. They were quick and friendly, coming out immediately on a dinghy to get us secured to the three point mooring system within minutes of arrival. Lucky for us it was a calm evening since the mooring field is outside the sea wall and completely open to the north, northeast. Normally the boats are side by side as in the mooring field but given our early September timing and lack of crowd, they were kind to tie in all the yachts in every other slot to leave a bit more privacy.

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