Bareboating Tips: Lasso a Mooring Buoy

In the October 2010 issue of Sail Magazine, John Simpson offers a rather simple technique to pick up a mooring buoy – using a lasso line.   Though offered in the Cruising Tips section, it certainly can be used by any charter bareboat sailor to make boathandling just that much easier in any condition.

Here’s a summary of John’s lasso system:

  1. take an appropriate length of line, wet it for weight
  2. cleat one end to a bow cleat and take the rest of the line outside the bow to the other bow cleat
  3. find a stable position on the bow and, when appropriate, toss the loop of line over the buoy in the water and lasso it
  4. pickup the mooring pendant with a boat hook and secure the boat with appropriate mooring lines
  5. remove the lasso loop once the boat is safely secured to the mooring buoy

This technique seems straight forward and easy.  It should really help reduce tension when you charter bareboat sail with inexperienced crew.

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