Guest Comment Guidelines

Thanks for contributing to BareboatingtheWorld. Please follow these guidelines so readers will get the most value from your posts. Review the Policies before creating your content.

The audience is other sailors, their first mate(s), or guests planning a bareboat charter. They hope to benefit from your insights about a specific destination or advice gained from your own experience. You should target 100 – 400 words in a single post.

Insight Articles – Recommended Categories

  • Before departing: arrival & transfer, restaurants, hotels, must see tourist stuff, charter company info and sound checkout practices,
  • Food and Drink: provisioning info including specific places to shop for initial and ongoing provisioning, recommended local food and drink specialties,
  • Living Aboard: daily considerations while underway, e.g, fishing, trash, tips about making daily activities while cruising better,
  • Sailing stuff: weather, passage making, and anchorage considerations. Also, any advice about good systems practices, reviews of boats chartered, etc.

Bareboating Trips Detail Guidelines

Use a single post to summarize your trip and provide links to other sites that give details in logs, photos, or maps.

  • 1 thumbnail picture, less than 100 KB per post
  • three external URLs to online photo galleries, maps, sailing blog

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