Sporades Islands, Greece Insight – Provisions

Provisioning – Milina had the worse provisioning we have experience cruising together. The town seems to have a limited number of tiny shops in which to get fresh food and staples. We opted to get our water from the mini-market at the base and felt that we were IMG_0348paying extorted prices. In hindsight, given we had Lisa and Marcello’s car it would have been a better to shop closer to Volos even though it was an hour away.

During our trip we were able to find butchers and fishmongers though communication was limited as few spoke English or Italian, but, with good humor and a smile we always got what we needed. Along with meat and fish, our provisioning stops offered some fantastic fruit/vegetable shops. Provisioning for food was done in Orei (Evvia), Patitiri (Alonnisos).

Food – Fresh lamb and pork made for great meals. We picked up some wonderful local cheese in addition to very ripe fruit and vegetables. We were even able to find lobster in Patitire for Lisa and Marcello’s anniversary celebration.

Drink – The wines weren’t nearly as good as other parts of the Mediterranean, but, they still complemented our meals very well.

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