Ionian Islands, Greece Insights – Provisions

Provisioning – Corfu has some very large supermarkets (Alfa Beta) near the marina that make provisioning straightforward. The marina also has some excellent supplies.

Greece2007-161During our trip we were able to find butchers though communication was limited as few spoke English, Italian, German, or Dutch. We had one funny incident where we communicated with a butcher by making animal sounds to request the meat we wanted. Everyone laughed. Fish was only available directly from fishermen in the morning. Fresh produce was easily found. Provisioning for food was done in Lakkas (Paxos), Vonistsa, Fiskardho (Cefelonia) (not as good as others), Astakou, and Parga.

Food – Lisa really stocked up on local jarred/canned goods like stuffed grape leaves, kalamata olive oil products, roasted peppers, and cheeses. She made a great risotto using roasted peppers and feta cheese out of a jar.

Drink – The Ionian Greek wine was quite good and complemented our meals very well. Lisa had brought along a list from her cook books and internet research to understand what wines to get.

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