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Levkas Canal & BridgePassages – We chartered in the northern Ionian Islands and sailed into the southern island group. This required a 65 mile crossing from Andipaxos to Levkas that required timing the opening of the drawbridge then navigating 4 miles of canal before entering the southern island group. We elected to go into Amvrakikos Gulf past Preveza for the night. Though there are some fantastic locations in the northern island group, I would recommend that those considering sailing this area charter a boat in Levkas and concentrate their trip in the southern island group.

Winds for our trip came up in the afternoon and they blew steady between 15-20Knots with gusts to 25 initially out of the northern quadrant, later in September from the southern quadrant. Lisa purchased Imray’s Greek Water Pilot for a previous Greek charter which was our primary cruising guide for this trip.

Pera Pigadhi (Ithaca) (3)Anchorages – For the most part we did not need to take a line to shore. Many anchorages had significant bounce at night caused by traffic in the shipping lanes, namely, O. Kouloura, Lakkos (Paxos), NE bays on Andipaxos, Kalo Limani (Cephalonia), Pera Pigadhi (Ithaca), and Parga (ML). Other anchorages were relatively closed bays that were much more comfortable, namely, O. Valtou, N. Mauros Notos (ML) off Sivota, Vonistsa (ML), O. Vlikho (Levkas), Fiskardho (Cefelonia), O. Astakou (ML), Port Marathia (ML).

Other Ionian InsightsBefore Departing Food and Drink Living Aboard

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