Seychelles Insights – Living Aboard

Refrigeration – Our boat had a standard marine refrigerator with a cold storage locker for fruits and vegetables. This system worked out quite well. Since we were able to buy ice we didn’t attempt to make any on this trip.

IMG_0930 Tuna La Digue Anchorage2Fishing – Marcello brought his own reel and we were able to borrow a fishing poll from Sunsail before departing. We caught some bonito during our passages between the islands. The fish itself was a bit gamey, but, Lisa worked her magic and we had some pretty good Japanese style cerviche and sashimi as appetizers.

Water, trash, & fuel – Water is only available in St. Ann’s Bay on Praslin in the northern islands – 10 euro charge. Trash was generally easy to unload. Due to steady winds we never had to top off our diesel.

Medical aid preparedness – Given the remote nature of the Seychelles you might consider supplementing the on-board medical kit as noted in the insight article section.


  • When we got to La Digue we had encountered a few problems with the boat’s head, water leakage, and a shorted night light. Sunsail has a person on Praslin that came out to the boat to repair everything the day we toured La Digue by bicycle. It was great service!!!

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