Seychelles Insights – Provisions

Charter Bareboat SailingProvisioning – Mahe has a few moderately sized supermarkets where you can find most of your provisions, but, the best shopping experience is the morning market in central Victoria where fish and fresh vegetables are available at reasonable prices. Lisa proclaimed it was the best market she’d ever seen during any of her bareboat charters.

During the cruise well supplied mini-markets were available on La Digue and up the road from Beau Vallon Beach. We were able to find some fresh fish in Anse Volbert but the markets are not recommended.

In Praslin, we followed Sunsail’s advice and took a mooring in St’ Anne’s Bay trusting the custodian, Miles (aka, “my friend”), giving St. Anne, Praslin (2)him money in advance to do our shopping. It worked out great. He found us the octopus we wanted and an enormous red snapper which was later used for 3 meals in addition to all the fresh fruits and vegetables we requested. His service charge and slight increase in prices more than compensated for the convenience of not shopping. This was also the only place to refill the water tanks.

Food – Meat both frozen and fresh could be found in the markets, but, fresh fish was a fantastic deal in the Vitoria market. We also were able to come across some fishermen to buy their catch. Fresh produce was available but limited. All the vegetables had a different taste particularly the string beans which were a bit starchy and mangos which were more for salad IMG_0981 La Digue Lunch Seybrewthan a sweet treat. For those a bit more adventurous, the Seychelles present a great opportunity to try some exotic fruits. We gave soursop a try. We also supplemented Lisa’s spice kit with a variety of local marinates and BBQ sauces.

Drink – We took advantage of the layover in Qatar to pickup our spirits for sundowners at duty free as the Seychelles allowed 2 bottles per person. Wine was available and reasonably priced, but, the beverage of choice for this trip was most certainly the Seybrew beer. Ice was pretty easy to purchase at bars throughout the area.

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