Primosten Insights – Living Aboard

Refrigeration – Our boat’s refrigerator ran on 220 volts so it could only run on shore power or while the engine was running. It did 2009 croatia (guy) (30)a great job cooling food and drink, but, we were unable to make ice which we sometimes are able to do. Sunsail sells ice, but, we were not able to buy it anywhere else on our trip.

Fishing – We had no luck catching any fish again in Croatia, but, Marcello was able to gather ricci (sea urchin) in almost every anchorage and in many he also gathered a fair number of cuccioli (sea snails). both require special techniques to clean and/or prepare.

Trash – We were able to drop trash off in almost every anchorage except Vrulje on O. Kornati.


We found the people of Vrulje on O. Kornati to be rather unpleasant, a first time experience in Croatia.

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