Primosten Insights – Sailing Stuff

2009 croatia (lisa) (72)Weather – Forecasts were spot on with predicted afternoon northwest winds and calm in the evenings. We had perfect weather for the entire week of the charter.

Passages – Afternoon winds were steady between 10-20 knots making it possible to sail a substantial portion of each day, something that we did not experience in our prior Croatia charters in late August. Perhaps, July is just a better time of year to cruise in Dalmatia.

Anchoring– Almost all the anchorages listed in the voyage log were large enough to accommodate many boats and allowed us to swing freely without taking a line to shore. Only our lunch stop at U. Cuska Duboka (O. Dugi) required a line, but, given it was a lunch stop and the anchorage was empty, we probably could have just swung freely.

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