Baja, Mexico Insights – Before Departing

IMG_1551fArrival and Transfers – As flying directly to La Paz was very timely and substantially more expensive, we elected to fly into Cabo San Lucas airport and rent a car for the roughly 3 hour drive on winding road through the Sonoran desert. At best you would say that the roads are paved secondary roads. La Paz itself is a big city and you will traverse the entire city to arrive at the charter base.

Charter – We chartered Explorer from Moorings based in La Paz.  Moorings accommodated our late arrival and made keys available for us to sleep on the boat.  The brieifing was extensive given by a charter captain that regularly cruises this area.  This is critical in the Sea of Cortez as the area has not been extensively covered by cruising guides. We found the briefing to be one of the best we’ve ever experienced and it’s not required to acquire a cruising guide before arrival.


  • Beware of the speed trap on 4 lan road upon leaving La Paz. We were told we would have to return to the police station to handle the traffic violation. Since we needed to catch our return flights, we negotiated a no-receipt payment of $100 to the officer in charge.
  • This sailboat came with a grill unlike European charters

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