Baja, Mexico Insights – Living Aboard

Refrigeration – In addition to a standard marine refrigerator, the Moorings folks provide a solid block of ice and a couple of bags of cubes that lasted us the entire week.

crop lisa+fish (2)Fishing – We brought our own fishing real, and borrowed a rod from Moorings and were able to catch some dinner along the way. There are fishing camps in some anchorages where you can go to buy fish from the local fisherman. We were able to do this at Caleta Partida, but, were happy with the available fish at Isola Coyote.

Water use – With no possibility to fill tanks for 6 days, intelligent use and conservation becomes even more essential. See the Advice Article – Living Aboard for some tips.

Trash – There are no places on the islands to unload, so it all has to stay in the boat. Given this, you may want to separate out the biodegrable trash to jestison when making passage so as to avoid attracting unnecessary bugs. Also, make sure you compress all plastics and cans to save space.

Medical aid preparedness – given the remoteness and lack of cell coverage it is best to have a secondary kit of supplies that go beyond what a charter company will have in their med kit such as eye and ear drops, something for ray or jellyfish stings, antihistamines, etc.

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