Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Living Aboard


Big Boy had two refrigerators, one containing a small freezer section in which we made ice for daily sundowners. The larger refrigerator was used for fresh food which we ran 24×7, shutting off the beverage refrigerator before sleeping.  Our domestic batteries lasted throughout the night. The solar panel began to charge at first light.

Note: we were unsure how to set the cooling temperature for the beverage refrigerator, so we determined the setting by viewing the amperage draw on the electric console as we varied the setting.


Solar Panels

About mid-voyage we discovered that the batteries were not charging quickly at first light in the morning.  Since it hadn’t rained, the solar panels had become quite salty and dirty impeding their efficiency. So, the first task of the morning was to wipe down both panels with a damp sponge.


We rented a WIFI dongle which worked great while we were in sight of the islands. Not surprising, there was no signal in Illa Cabrera and when crossing the Menorca Canal.  Also, the signal was sketchy along the Northwest Coast of Mallorca north of Porto de Soller until we reach Cap Formentor


No luck here and, except for the marine reserves, there were not many fish to see while snorkeling.

Trash & Water

In Mahon we were on the floating dock just west of Illa del Rei. The only service available on these docks was water (included in dockage fee).  Trash disposal was on shore.  At the fuel dock in Porto de Pollenca water costs 10€ regardless of fueling


We refilled the fuel tank in PortoColom.  The inner most end of the fuel dock is too shallow for a 2 meter draft

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