Charter Bareboat Sailing in Mallorca & Menorca Spain

A two week Bareboat Charter in Mallorca/Menorca Spain.Sharing everything learned regarding pre-departure considerations, provisioning, navigation

Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Before Departing

Transfers and arriving We arrived the morning of the charter and proceeded directly to Suncharter ‘s base at Palma’s Royal Nautical Club Marina.  Taxi (25 Euros in 2016) from the airport was about 20 minutes costing. The SunCharter base is about a 15 minute walk from the marina entrance not far from the fuel dock.  … Continue reading Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Before Departing

Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Provisioning

Provisioning A two week cruise in the middle of August requires a lot of fluids.  So we had Suncharter preorder water, wine, and beer for a nominal service fee, well worth the added expense.  Cases were unpacked for storage so as to eliminate packing trash before the trip. Palma Provisioning Mercat de Santa Catalina  – … Continue reading Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Provisioning

Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Living Aboard

Refrigeration Big Boy had two refrigerators, one containing a small freezer section in which we made ice for daily sundowners. The larger refrigerator was used for fresh food which we ran 24x7, shutting off the beverage refrigerator before sleeping.  Our domestic batteries lasted throughout the night. The solar panel began to charge at first light. … Continue reading Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Living Aboard

Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Sailing Stuff

Guides This was the first time that we weren’t given a formal area briefing before starting our bareboat charter.  SunCharter does provide the  Imray's Pilot guide for the Balearic Islands in addition to local port guides and charts.  Fortunately there’s a wealth of information available on the internet.  Here are a few sites I found … Continue reading Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Sailing Stuff