Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Sailing Stuff

Guides This was the first time that we weren’t given a formal area briefing before starting our bareboat charter.  SunCharter does provide the  Imray's Pilot guide for the Balearic Islands in addition to local port guides and charts.  Fortunately there’s a wealth of information available on the internet.  Here are a few sites I found … Continue reading Bareboating Insights Mallorca/Menorca – Sailing Stuff

Charter Bareboating in Elba, Italy – Sailing Stuff (Part 1)

Sailing insights while charter bareboat sailing the waters around Elba Italy in Italy

Bareboating Italy – The Island of Elba

A detailed report of a 1 week charter bareboat sailing vacation in Elba, Corsica, and Capraia.

Charter Bareboating in Elba, Italy – Before Departing

Some insight and advice before departing on a charter bareboat vacation in Elba. This section address arrival and transfers, accommodations, and the charter company

Bareboat Charter – Mooring In Capraia Italy (Part 2)

Most interesting mooring technique while bareboat sailing in the waters around Elba Italy