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Weather Forecasts– We used the official weather forecast from the Croatian Metrological Service providing a forecast for 24 hours in two 12 hour segments. Since cell service is generally available through the Dalmatian area, we connect via cell internet service to get 2009 croatia (lisa) (72)the weather from the official web site. This forecast is always broadcast daily (see cruising guide for schedule). You can also tune into channel 68 for a continuous English broadcast provided by the Italian Metrological Service.

Passage – Passage making tends to be line of site since islands are grouped quite closely together. Some prudence in necessary, but, there are few hidden dangers during navigation.

The Magnamare Cruising Guide available on most charters published in 2006 is a dramatic improvement over past guides. We had used Imray’s cruising guide for the Adriatic on our first 3 voyages. In addition to maps with anchorage descriptions, the Magnamare guide has a well written overview of sailing in Dalmatia. Actually, it’s one of the best I’ve had on bareboat charters.

Bobovisca ( Brac) CroatiaAnchorages– There are many bays and inlets from which to choose your lunch or night stop. Those close to major towns like Korcula can be quite crowded. Some allow free swinging, but, many require you to take a line to shore after dropping anchor to accommodate the bora winds, depth, or number of boats that will eventually populate the anchorage. For those not familiar with med-mooring, you should brush up on the technique before coming to the Mediterranean. You’ll need to execute it when docking on town quays. There are few finger docks in Dalmatia and even these (e.g., Kremik Marina) require docking stern-to.

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