Croatia Bareboating Insights – Provisions

Provisioning – Croatia has plenty of large supermarket chains on the mainland and the mini markets on the islands have a good selection of what is needed for a bareboat charter. For the initial provisioning, it will probably be too late to find a butcher or fishmonger open since they tend to close at 1pm on Saturdays (closed Sundays), but, during you voyage, 08-05-2009 22 2003you should be able to find them open during the week. Fresh fish availability will depend on the time you shop. Fishermen usually sell their catch in the early morning. Provisioning for anything but water is difficult in the Kornati Islands.

Food– Fresh vegetables and fruit is adequate for a bareboat charter. Cabbage, peppers, and zucchine are plentiful. Fresh meat is generally available in most shops. Fresh fish is a bit harder to find except in mainland supermarkets. There’s usually frozen fish available, particularly, calamari and shrimp.

Drink – Croatian wines are great for the price. We liked Crljenak Kaštelanski (Zinfandel) and Plavac mali (Dingač and Postup) reds and Posip and Grasevina whites.

A full selection of other spirits are available in the larger supermarkets. Croatia also has two brands of rum for those that really want to go native. Beer is plentiful.

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    Provisioning – We provisioned at the Konzum supermarket in Primosten. Since it’s located on the pedestrian walk, we parked the car in the pay lot before the Hotel Zora entrance and made several trips with shopping karts to load the car.

    Provisioning during our trip was difficult in the Kornati Islands. Piskera Island ACI marina had limited fresh food and no meat or fish. It’s not recommended to count on it for anything but water. The same was true at Vrulje on O. Kornati. No provisioning at all was available at Uvala Telascica on Otok Dugi or at the campground at Uvala Kosirina on Otok Murter.

    Food -There’s a limited selection of fish and meat in the Konzum supermarket. Though there are butchers in town, they close for the day at 1pm on Saturday. Fishermen generally sell their catch early morning at the water front. There are many fresh produce stands in Primosten and the fruit and vegetables looked great. The marina also has a minimarket that is well stocked as well as a fresh produce stand.

    Note –

    For those with a car or willing to hire a taxi, consider driving 28Km on the coastal road to just before the Sibenik highway entrance and shop at Plodine supermarket. It has a great selection of all food at great prices (e.g., calamari 3.50 euro/kg) and it’s is easy to park.

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