Croatia Bareboating Insights – Before Departing

Transfers & Arriving – Since my friends live in northern Italy we have always driven to Croatia which is about 10 hour drive from the Milan area. The central highway in Croatia takes you very close to all the critical charter bases. We have always exited the 2009 croatia (lisa) (141)highway for our first Croatian fish grill before arriving at our destination. Our target stop now is at Starigrad about 11km off the highway exit of Maslenica at the restaurant Dalmacija Grill.

Those arriving by plane or ferry might want to look into renting a car for provisioning. It also makes it easy to visiting some historic cities near the charter bases. There’s plenty of taxi service.

We’ve noticed that hotel service has improved dramatically since our first trip in 2002. It’s well worth arriving early to explore some of historic Croatia, particularly, if you’re near one of the UNESCO cities.

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    Transfers & Arriving – As usual, we drove from the Milan area in 12 hours with a 2 hour lunch break at the Restaurant Pansion Martina on the coast road about 10 minutes north of Senj, our first grilled fish meal.

    Arriving the day before, we stayed at the Zora Hotel in Primosten. Our reservation included a buffet dinner, not recommended, but, the incremental charge was minimal. Thankfully, we had a great lunch en route. Next day, we had lunch before going to the marina at Konoba Bila Lucica restaurant about 10 minutes north of Primosten – great food at a great price overlooking the sea.

    Charter Company – We chartered with Sunsail which has a very large operation in Kremik Marina. We stopped by in the morning and had an area briefing to supplement the knowledge we had acquired on previous trips. When inquiring as to when to return to check-out Tracker, we were told we would have access to the boat’s refrigerator no earlier than 4pm and were scheduled for the check-out procedure after 6pm. They adhered to this schedule giving us the option to depart with plenty of light to travel at least 10M.

    Note –

    At end of charter, Sunsail did not return the credit card receipt for the dingy and motor deposit. This was a surprise so we requested a note confirming the successful return of the boat.

    Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

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